Our Services

Why Choose Us?

We Excite, Endear & Engage Customers & Consumers in particular brand experiences by bringing decades’ worth of industry expertise to the experiences we create.

To us, every experience is unique to the brand, the moment and the people we’re engaging – coupled with our deep, rich understanding of the sector’s our clients do business in.

We are young and dynamic, nimble and flexible, providing our clients with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve their goals and objectives on time, in full and within budget!

We offer a wide range of services for all clients, including Street Level Promotions Events Management In-Store & Shopper Marketing Road Shows & Townstorming Musical Concerts & Game Shows Concept Development In-Bar Promotions Sports Activations

Brand Activation

Beyond defining the immediate opportunity, audience and objectives, we dig deeper. We strive to understand your brand positioning, company culture, overall marketing strategies and tactics and, of course, how to define success.

We also gain insight on current market and competitive conditions as well as industry trends which then serves as the foundation of our strategic plan.

Events Management

We take time to come up with creative concepts, which we implement using processes and assets necessary to the event to reality. Logistics are mapped, staff is readied, the program is launched and tactics are executed.

From commencement until the last report is filed; we take charge, manage, monitor and improve. How can we be more efficient, more effective, more engaging, more compelling? These are the challenges we pose to you, the campaign and ourselves.

Musical Concerts

From the earliest stages of exploration into musical concerts, we are setting benchmarks, testing metrics, capturing and analyzing data and applying learnings. Are we delivering ROI? Are we impacting awareness? Are we engaging the right people, in the right places, at the right time, in the right manner?

These are some of the analytics that formulate Keskese’s custom measurement plans which is consistent from client to client; campaign-to-campaign.


With the route to market beginning to take shape, we explore creative concepts, audience lifestyle, trends and market dynamics. Next, we develop budget parameters and solicit stakeholder input and feedback is explored and concepts are refined into actionable plans.

Once every detail is covered, every cost projected and every question asked and answered – it’s time hit the road and put the plan into action.